Sprint Workshop

Together we can turn your idea into a beautiful, development ready prototype

Only the best

With so many new web and mobile apps released all the time, only the best succeed. Product areas tend be quite competitive so it's important you're product stands out from the crowd.

More about how we build products

You need a solid plan
to get funded

Going down the funding route? The discoveries you make during this workshop will be key in securing funding. They will help secure and validate your idea.

Many startups don't go to plan. This is beacuse they start with one that’s doomed to bankrupt them or a product with features that users don’t even want.

We take a different approach.

Our Sprint Workshop takes your idea from even the vaguest concept to a development ready prototype. You also get everything you need to wow investors and get started with development.

So, wait what is it?

The Sprint Workshop gives you a superpower: You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions.

The Sprint Workshop is a five-day process for answering critical questions for your startup or company through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

With the help of the 8bytes team the workshop gives you a shortcut to learning without building and launching a single thing.

The Design Sprint process has been developed at Google Ventures, combining buisness strategy, design thinking, behaviour science and more.

How it works

We’ll work together in the 8bytes studio for a whole week - we’re going to be the best buddies!


  • We kick it all off with a intro to our team
  • Our goal is to make a map of the problem or idea
  • This will map out all the steps the user can take
  • We pick out a key target from the map to focus on


  • We come up with the solutions
  • Review of exisiting ideas to remix and improve
  • Everyone sketches their own solution based on critical thinking
  • The best of these sketches will form the plan for the prototype


  • You’ll make fast decisions without groupthink or sales pitches
  • Critique each solution that was created on Tuesday
  • Decide which one will have the best chance of achieving the goal
  • Next we’ll build a storyboard based on the scenes in the sketches


  • Together we build a realistic prototype based on the storyboard
  • We’re building a facade for the real deal
  • Depending on the product we will do this in a number of ways
  • Completed in just 7 hours


  • We’ll run five customer interviews 1:1
  • This is enough to reveal big patterns within the prototype
  • Learn by watching them react to the prototype
  • At the end of the Sprint you’ll have a full overview of your product and where to go next

What do I need?

A week to work with us
in our studio

Yep we’re going to need you for a week. It’s really hands on but you will learn a tonne about your idea.

A few members of
your team

The workshop will work best with a few members of your team or a few friends. The more the merrier!

Workshop Extras

Want a little more out of the Sprint Workshop? We have a few extras that can make all the difference

Full product designs

Our team will continue working on your prototype after the workshop. Taking everything we’ve learnt into account we will design full high fidelity screens for your product. Perfect for presenting to potential investors.

+ €3,200 (ex VAT)

Full development spec

The smart guys will completely spec out the technical side of your product. This will outline everything needed to make it a reality. The spec would be a key document in securing funding and starting development.

+ €1,280 (ex VAT)

Let's get started

Our next workshop starts

Ready to secure your place? There is a €500 deposit to get the ball rolling and reserve your place.

Total for the Sprint Workshop

+ €5,000 (ex VAT)

Secure my place

Thank You

We'll be in touch shortly with the next steps. Let's do this!

We understand that €5k seems like a lot, but this really is the best start you can make for your idea. This initial investment results in a fully validated product, a solidified idea and a prototype which is ready for development. Everything you need to wow investors or get started with development.